Balz Banquet and Reception Hall opened on September 13, 2008 by owners Jeff Richardson and Jim Jeffries.

Jeff Richardson, also known as Whitey, is a former major leaguer. He played for the Cincinnati Reds in 1989 under former Manager, Pete Rose, the Pittsburg Pirates in 1991 and the Boston Red Sox in 1993. He is also the owner of Balz Sports Bar of Grand Island NE.

Jim Jeffries is Whitey’s brother-in-law who partnered with Whitey in the ownership of Ruff’s Bar in 1995. He was also a stand-out athlete, playing college football and baseball from 1980-1983 for the University of Nebraska. He is the head of the History Department at Grand Island High School and has been a teacher there for 17 years.

We wanted to fill a need for our community by opening a first class reception hall. We can hold approximately 250 people with an additional 50-100 seating in our beautiful outdoor bar.

Balz Banquet and Reception Hall offers:
* A classy atmosphere with the entry way adorned with a beautiful water fountain.
* Food and beverages on site with full service.
* Our tables are dressed in linens and food tables wrapped in skirting.

We hope you enjoy your experience at Balz Banquet and Reception Hall and look forward to making your event, an event to remember….
Your Hosts,
Jeff and Jim

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